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Bouquet Subscriptions

Bouquet Subscriptions

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These 5-week cut-flower subscriptions make wonderful gifts and will provide you or your loved one with locally grown, fresh cut-flowers for 5 consecutive weeks.  Your bouquet will be delivered to your home, workplace or dropped off at a location agreed upon in advance on either Tuesday or Friday.  You are welcome to reschedule a delivery in case of vacation, but please do so in advance.  Delivery areas include Bryant, Benton, Eastend and Little Rock.  Currently, Carter Miller Salon has agreed to serve as a pick up location in the Hillcrest neighborhood.  Please contact me to confirm availability of delivery to your area, day of delivery, address and contact information.  Early Spring blooms include several varieties of tulips, fragrant heirloom narcissus, ranunculus and more.  I am usually able to begin deliveries in mid-March with the season ending around mid-October.  One of the beauties of locally grown flowers is that the varieties change with the seasons offering a  year of unique beauty.



call or text:  501-993-4960


Thank you so much!!

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with the bouquet delivered to you, I will refund your money in full or replace the bouquet.  Keep in mind, some flowers last a lot longer in the vase than others. Some flowers such as Dahlias which will be available later in the summer, are incredibly beautiful, but may only last 5 days in the vase.  Some, however will last much longer because of the expected vase life of the variety paired with the freshness of the blooms.

  • Caring for your Flowers:

    Generally speaking, if flowers are cared for properly, they should last 5-7 days depending on the variety and environment.  1 Packet of flower food will be provided with each bouquet.  Please follow packet instructions for the longest possible vase life, including providing new, fresh water each day, removing wilting or decaying flowers, keeping the water clear of leaves and other plant debri and keeping the blooms away from drafts and direct sunlight.  It also helps to trim the stems every couple of days in order to uptake water more easily.

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