5-week Summer Bouquet Subscription

5-week Summer Bouquet Subscription

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Start date to be anounced at a later date.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Quality, fresh, locally grown cut flowers are what I am building my business on. If you are not completely satisfied with the bouquet delivered to you, I will refund your money in full or replace the bouquet.  Keep in mind, some flowers last a lot longer in the vase than others.  The flowers I am able to provide you with may not be readily available to florists, not because they are low quality, but because they don't necessarily ship well.  Some flowers such as Dahlias which will be available later in the summer, are incredibly beautiful, but may not last as long in the vase.  Some, however will last much longer because typically I will pick them one day and deliver them the next opposed to the store bought flowers which have been shipped in for the most part from other countries.

    Caring for your flowers:  Generally speaking, if the bouquet is cared for properly, it should last 5-7 days depending on the flower types and environment.  1 Packet of flower food will be provided with each bouquet.  Please follow packet instructions for the longest possible vase life, including providing new, fresh water each day, removing wilting or decaying flowers, keeping the water clear of leaves and other plant debri.