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Local Cut Flower Grower

I am so happy to be able to pursue a business doing what I love to do!!  I have been growing flowers for years, but have recently decided to cut back my hours as a nurse at Arkansas Children's Hospital and spend more time growing and providing locally grown fresh cut flowers to individuals, florists, designers and other businesses here in Central Arkansas.  Please follow along on Instagram and Facebook as I learn and grow this business. Also, please take a moment to check out my website and get in touch with any questions.  All of the flowers on this site were grown by me with many more additions coming in 2020!

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves"

Thomas Edison

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About Me

My Background

I have always loved the outdoors and the beauty of nature!  Being a pediatric nurse has had its stresses, but working in the garden and growing flowers have always provided me with a peace and comfort that is not easy to explain.  Somewhere along the way nature photography also became a passion.  Naturally, flowers are at the top of my subject list!  If you would like to hear more about why I am growing cut-flowers, check out my short blog. (Link at the top of the home page)

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